Define HPDA / Deep Learning :

  • HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics ) use the HPC for massive data processing and analysis. §HPDA is the result of the convergence of HPC and Big Data.
  • Deep Learning is a class of hierarchical algorithms for machine learning on big data.
  • Deep learning has become very popular in recent years with access to powerful computing machines to train large systems.

HPDA Deep Learning linked with advanced master HPC-AI :

The expertise in Deep Learning and HPDA allows to move towards the development of a form of “strong” AI. The learning takes place with high-level data abstraction modeling and analytical techniques to achieve AI models close to human cognitive abilities.

In practice with the advanced master HPC-AI programme :

UE5 – High Performance Algorithms and Automatic Learning (HPDA)

  • Deep Learning (16h)
  • Data processing platforms (Hadoop, Spark) (16h)
  • Massive data visualization techniques and tools (16h)