Define scientific computing :

  • Scientific computing uses advanced computing resources to solve scientific, engineering, and human complex problems.
  • Scientific computing involves several disciplines, in particular: mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, algorithms and simulation.
  • The digital experiments resulting from scientific computing tools have become essential for all sectors of activity.

Scientific computing linked with advanced master HPC-AI :

The Scientific Computing methods and algorithms are essential for the development of AI and machine learning algorithms. The development of such methods in an HPC framework requires a very good proficiency of scientific computing methods. Expertise in scientific computing is therefore essential to integrate the fundamentals of AI into an HPC environment.

In practice with the advanced master HPC-AI programme :

UE2- Methods for Scientific computing

  • Approximation, interpolation and integration of PDEs (16h)
  • Linear algebra (16h)
  • Algorithm complexity and scalability (16h)